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Important Points to Consider for Logo Design

18 Jul

BY: Neha Singh


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A logo is the first visual cue and point of contact between your business and its customers. The logo helps to define your business and creates brand awareness among your existing and potential customers. You should invest time in designing your logo as it will enhance your brand value in the future. The key considerations which you should undertake before logo designing are as follows:

Unique Design
Your logo should be unique as it will make it stand out in a highly crowded marketplace. It should not resemble logos of competitors as it will fail to make an impact in such a case. You should do thorough research within your organization and with the logo designer to ensure the uniqueness of your logo which will help to enhance your brand awareness and recognition.

The logo of your business should be more than just a symbol or visual representation. The logo should clearly convey the purpose of your business. It should communicate the deeper meaning through the use of brand strategy elements. Your customers should be able to understand why the logo exists. The logo should be able to clearly explain the intent and purpose of its design. It must describe your brand and appeal to your existing and even potential customers. There are many good logo designers in Delhi who can meet your requirements and design a great logo for your business.

Minimalistic Approach
The logo should be clutter-free as a cluttered with too many elements can be distracting and fail to communicate its intent. You should always try to remove the excessive elements from the logo. It should ideally only consist of elements like color, shapes, fonts, etc. which are required to convey its intent and your brand description. This will remove any confusion and distraction and make your logo more appealing to the customers. People will be able to appreciate and recall your logo without any distractions.

Scalability is something which many businesses overlook while designing their logos. The logo should be designed in a manner that it is completely scalable. It should maintain its clarity and visual appearance at any size whether it is magnified or shrunk depending upon the branding requirements. The logo will not only be used on the product or in different promotional channels, but it will be used across all branding collaterals of your business. It should be scalable to be used in letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, etc. The finer details of your logo should not be lost during scaling it up or down.